The Absolute Best 70s Movies That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The 70s are known for many things, but many people might not know that the women’s rights movement began in the early 70s as well. It wasn’t just about bell-bottoms, frayed jeans, flowing maxi dresses, and ponchos.

There’s also another notable industry that boomed and transformed during the 70s. And that’s the movie industry. Read on to see a list of the best 70s movies that you will want to rewatch again (or watch for the first time) to relive those hay days.

Enter the Dragon

If you are a fan of the best action movies out there, you will remember this one from the 70s. It follows the story of the fabled martial artist, Bruce Lee (and who doesn’t know of him). It’s one of the most well-choreographed films of all time, and clips from the movie are still quite popular on YouTube and other social media channels.


Are you a fan of horror movies? Well, then you must have watched the bone-chilling movie, Carrie. Due to Carrie’s unusual religious upbringing, she is not a typical high school senior and that’s quite evident as we follow her and her classmates dealing with a wide variety of horrific situations.

The Godfather

Anyone who’s anyone knows about the Godfather movies. Well, the first one came out in 1972 and changed the mafia movie scene forever. It’s one of the best mob dramas to get into, especially if you like the idea of following the New York Mafia scene (well, as portrayed by Hollywood).


Few movies are as iconic and memorable as Grease. Not only are the dance sequences well remembered even by the youth of today, but fashion and the cast are as well. It isn’t the typical love story that all of us are familiar with, but it’s still bursting with joy, hope, and mush.

The Love Boat

After all that horror, drama, crime, and dancing, it’s time for some comedic relief. The Love Boat was an original made-for-TV movie that was then converted into a series that ran for 10 seasons from 1977 to 1986 and would fall on a list of best comedy movies of the 70s.

32 past and future Academy Award winners made a guest appearance on the show. It is set aboard the Pacific Princess, which was at the time a real-life Princess Cruises cruise ship.

Best 70s Movies for You to Binge On

If you are running out of things on Netflix to binge, then it’s time for you to open the epic Pandora’s Box which is 70s movies. There are many more on this list of best 70s movies, so you won’t run out of great movies to watch for a long while to come.

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