Overview of Services Provided by SIP Servers

Multimedia conferencing on the Internet was well developed by the research and academic community by 1997. This has been reflected in the explosion of commercial ventures for Internet multimedia during the past decade. Work Freshwap started at the same time to extend the Internet multimedia architecture for use in telephony.

Because of the enormous complexity and richness of services on the PSTN, this work has taken much longer to develop, and only at the end of 2000 had it reached a critical mass where true reengineering of the telephone system for the Internet was well Merdb understood.

In the history of Sportspress science and technology, many new technologies have found applications that were not envisaged by their inventors. With this limitation in mind, the following sections will provide an overview of services that are supported by SIP servers, such as those used by public VoIP service providers and in enterprise PBX networks.

The Codeplex prevalent business model of VoIP service providers in early 2006, however, is to not support any features that require going outside the walled garden. The assumption of practically all VoIP service providers is that all services are provided in-house. This Elibrary may change, however, as Internet-wide VoIP will mature. Recent work has shown that all or most services performed by SIP proxy servers in the network can also be performed by server-less P2P SIP.

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