Know Before You Go: Avoid These 5 Car Dealership Scams

Did you know there were over 285 million registered cars in the United States in 2020? And with the gasoline price increase, car manufacturers continue to design efficient and eco-friendly vehicles. But, with all the technological advances, you may be lost on which add-on your new car needs.

Would you like to avoid the most common car dealership scams regarding add-ons? If so, we invite you to stick around as we give you a brief breakdown of which new car add-ons to avoid while shopping for a new car.

1. Fabric Protection

Fabric protection is one of the most common car dealership add-ons you may encounter while buying a vehicle at a dealership. They may insist that their fabric protector will safeguard your car’s fabric from stains and tears. But, in reality, most car dealerships add a plastic seal protector on the seats of your car, which is something you can do at a much lower price.

So, before purchasing a new vehicle at a car dealership, ensure the final price doesn’t include the so-called fabric protector.

2. Rust Protection

Some car dealerships may charge several hundreds of dollars for the final price of a new car by including a rust protection treatment. But, rustproofing a new car is one of the worse new car scams since all new vehicles come with rust protection straight from the factory.

To make matters worse, if the car dealership coats the new car with a different rust protection solution, the factory corrosion warranty will be void.

3. Extended Warranties

Another scam you’ll want to avoid is the extended warranties dealership offer. These warranties cover about everything on your car, from basic parts replacement to routine maintenance, which may seem like a good deal at first, but in reality, there are better options.

For starters, brand new cars already have a manufacturer warranty that can be extended and covers any replacement parts.

You can even find better deals online for certain car brands like Audi or Ford. And if that’s something that interests you, look here for more information.

4. Vehicle Identification Number Etching 

Adding a VIN etching on your new car will deter thieves from stealing it since it’s nearly impossible to sell it to a used car dealership. Car dealerships will charge an absurd amount for etching the VIN onto your car since they claim you need special tools. Instead of paying them, you can easily purchase a do-it-yourself VIN kit found at most supermarkets.

5. Paint Protection

No one wants to drive around in a car with scratches on the paint, which is why car dealers try to sell this add-on to their customers. If you buy a new car, you won’t need to worry about buying that add-on since newer vehicles come with long-lasting paint jobs. You can also wash and wax your car monthly, so the paint lasts longer.

Avoid These Car Dealership Scams

Hopefully, with this informative post, you’ll avoid the most common car dealership scams. Of course, you’ll need to do your own research to see if the vehicle you purchase needs that special add-on. Don’t forget to save this post so you can refer to it before heading to the car dealership!

Did you find this article helpful in learning about common car scams? If so, feel free to browse our large selection of car-related posts before you go!

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