How to develop a B2B marketing strategy in 3 steps

The three C’s allow you to put together an effective marketing strategy quickly and clearly, especially if you are part of a Google Ads Management Company. It leverages the expertise that is resident in your organization and includes external research to validate and augment what is already known. There are three steps in the process:

  • Step 1 is an internal process to gather information available within the company. It includes a company workshop and interviews with staff and management. It also collects available reports on sales, profitability, and marketing.
  • Step 2 is external—it includes research and interviews with customers, industry experts, and competitors to augment internal information and validate, or disprove, the hypotheses you’ve made in Step One.
  • Step 3 brings together the data and insight you’ve gained on the three C’s to confirm the marketing strategy—target market, value proposition, and messaging.

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