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5 Pest Management Options to Consider for Your Home

In the U.S, there are over two million residential pest infections every year, which shows that it’s more common than we think.

Having a pest problem can wreak havoc on your home and cost a fortune in repairs. Because of this, figuring out a management plan is essential as a preventative measure and to act quickly. Perhaps that’s what you’re struggling with and you’re searching for tips to guide you through the process.

Hit the nail on the head? No worries; we’ve got you covered. Here are five tips to help you with pest management.

1. Seal Up Cracks and Openings in the House 

A simple pest management technique is sealing every entryway into your house. Most pests can slip through tiny cracks or holes, so fill these with caulk to prevent unwanted intruders. Also, if you keep your doors open, install screen doors as it will keep your home pest-free.

You should also be mindful of your property’s exterior. For instance, get into the habit of regularly pruning trees or shrubs near your home as mice often build nests here. Also, inspect any vents because pests can often burrow their way into your property through these.

2. Remove Potential Food Sources 

Another example of innovative pest management is removing food sources. This means wiping the kitchen counters after preparing food and removing your pet’s food bowl when not in use. You should also store food in sealable containers and clean the dishes, so it doesn’t attract rodents or roaches.

3. Store the Trash Properly 

If you’re struggling with home pest control, always remember to store the trash properly. Invest in garbage cans with a lid as it will prevent pests from passing through. You should also empty the trash regularly; otherwise, unwanted visitors will rummage through your garbage and leave a mess.

4. Remove Water Sources 

Anyone familiar with environmental pest management knows the importance of removing water sources. Most pests love damp environments, so if you have a large body of water in your yard, there’s a greater risk of pests. An effective way of reducing this is to isolate the area by installing fences or setting traps around them for DIY pest control.

If you’re worried about this and don’t have the know-how, it’s wise to search for reliable pest control services like Pointe pest control to solve the problem.

5. Vacuum Regularly 

Regularly vacuuming your home reduces the amount of dust in your home, which can often attract pests. Also, it will remove any leftover food debris. As a result, it will limit the number of unwanted visitors.

But if there is no progress, hire pest control as they have the right equipment available.

Enjoy These Pest Management Tips 

Hopefully, you’ll use this pest management to prevent a future infestation.

There are multiple ways you can reduce unwanted visitors, such as sealing entryways and removing potential food sources. You should also store the trash properly and vacuum regularly to remove crumbs or debris. Good luck!

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