Where to Bet on Sports in the US 

So far, over three years have passed from the time the Supreme Court overturned the guidelines by the federal government that banned sports betting. The court didn’t directly legalize the activities perse but allowed individual state governments to prepare laws legalizing the activities if they wished.

To date, at least half of the states have legalized sports betting and several others have already started the processes. The US citizens interested in gambling have different options to choose from.

Online casinos

At least 18 US states have legalized online sports betting to give opportunities for bettors to make more money and for the state governments to earn revenue from an extra source. Bettors can access online casinos from their computers or smartphones.

Compared to other gambling options in the country, internet casinos are growing at a very fast pace. In iGaming, gamblers can bet on many sports events in different circumstances as well as play games such as video slots and traditional table games.

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Land-based casinos

There are about 18 states that have legalized land-based casinos to date. In general, they are owned and managed by different operators. The specific rules governing each business are determined by the company’s goals, although they must abide by the general industry guidelines.

They are licensed by the state governments as physical casinos that provide games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, gaming machines, baccarat, etc. Most casinos that provide online betting products have land-based products, too.

Tribal casinos

The US has over 500 tribal casinos owned by at least 238 tribes. The Native American tribes are the main stakeholders of tribal casinos because they control much of what happens within them.

Native American gaming run under relaxed state rules, but the main sets of rules are prepared by the tribes. Bettors access any type of betting product but part of the proceeds from betting activities are used to support the tribes.

Satellite casinos

Satellite casinos are also known as mini-casinos because they are mostly managed and owned by bigger land-based or brick and mortar sportsbooks companies. They are smaller versions of the main casinos with fewer tables, machines, and amenities. They might also limit the betting products available.

Betting kiosks

Betting kiosks focus on bringing the services closer to the customers. They are micro casinos placed on street corners, near shopping malls, public bus terminals, etc. A bettor only needs to visit the kiosk, place their bets and in an instant, know if they have won or lost.

Brick and mortar sportsbooks

These sportsbooks venues are called so because gamblers are required to visit a physical location to wager. Also known as retail sportsbooks, some might have other services such as restaurants, bars, and even dance floors to improve customer experience.

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