Top 8 Best Team Sports to Play with Your Friends and Have Fun

If you love to play team sports and want to have fun with all your friends, then you should consider a team sport. Now, you can try the ones that I have mentioned in this article. That is because these sports are extremely popular and fun to play with friends. Besides, if you love to earn some rewards while watching sports, you can visit 토토사이트 site.

Best Teams Sports for You

These are the best team sports that you can play:

1. Football

Football or soccer is one of the most favorite team sports in the world. It is played in almost all the countries on this globe. Now, in this game, two teams have equal players with the equal ground, and they both try to goal with a ball with their foot.

2. Badminton

It is another very popular and most played team sport. Now, in this game, two players have to fight each other with a shuttlecock and racket so that they can throw the shuttlecock on their opponent’s ground and make points. It is also played by four players, two players on each team in many countries.

3. Field Hockey

It is also a very famous team sport that is played by millions of people in the world. And, the sport has many tournaments where counties take part as teams. In this game, teams have to score by throwing the ball on the other team’s goal box with the help of hockey.

4. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is quite a similar sport to field hockey. But, the main difference is this game is played on slippery ground, and teams have to score by throwing the ball with hockey on the opponent’s goal box. The game is very fun and exciting.

5. Cricket

One of the most famous sports in current times would be cricket. It is played by two teams. Each team has equal players. One team gets to batting and one balling. However, this sport is very popular among all, and all sorts of people play this sport.

6. Volleyball

Volleyball is a sport where two teams compete with each other to score by throwing the ball into the other team’s ground with their hand. Both teams got six players, and they all have to play hard to win the game.

7. Basketball

It is another excellent and popular sport that is played widely in the US and some other countries. However, the sport is very intense where two teams try their best to throw the ball into the other team’s basket with their hand. Moreover, it is a fact that more than 450 million people play this sport around the world.

8. Baseball

This sport is quite similar to cricket, in my opinion. However, it is a very popular sport around the world. Now, in this game, two teams participate and try to get the highest score. One team gets to batting and tries to get a home run, and the other one gets to balling and tries to get three strikes.


These are the most popular and extremely fun-to-play teams sports that you should consider playing. You will be the best experience while playing these sports.

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