The most beautiful cricket stars of 2022

One of the rather unusual, but at the same time, having a considerable number of sports fans is cricket. This is one of the bat and ball games (like baseball) played by two teams with 11 players each. This is a fairly complex game that is especially popular in countries such as India and Sri Lanka, England and Wales, Australia, South Africa and Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand, as well as the Caribbean.

Both men and women can participate in this game. And, as in other sports, famous athletes in the world of cricket can not only have outstanding physical characteristics and take first prize places but also have an extremely attractive appearance.

The authors of one of the authoritative British editions The Sun have also thought about this, and they have created their own “virtual” cricket team, which would consist of the most beautiful athletes in this field. Cricket betting on the victory of such a team is not possible, but you can admire its members, each of whom is deservedly considered charming and attractive.

Adorable cricket team members from all over the world

Typically, a cricket team has 11 members. Among them, 4-5 people are strikers (so-called bowlers), and another 5-6 people are hitters (batsmen). In addition, the team also has a so-called “wicket keeper”. It was on this principle that the authors of the rating compiled their list of the most attractive beauties, who entered the virtual team. They all represent different countries in the Twenty20 cricket tournament.

The first number in the announced team was Malaika Arora Khan, an athlete from India who is also a Bollywood actress and model. In addition, the girl acts as one of the leading VJs on MTV India.

The second position was taken by the representative of Sri Lanka – Mutu Taranga. An excellent athlete is professionally engaged in choreography, as well as in her creative biography – participation in the beauty contest “Miss Sri Lanka”.

Charlotte Carter, a beauty from Zimbabwe, was also in the top three. Together with her, the five most attractive athletes included Kim Carter – a representative of South Africa, as well as beauty from Scotland – Emma.

It is impossible to imagine such an unusual, but an incredibly attractive team without a member from the West Indies – Robin Rihanna Fenty. At the moment, the sultry beauty lives in California and is known to millions for her incredibly popular pop and rhythm and blues compositions.

England in the team is represented by Nikkala Stout, who is a world-famous model and starred in the famous Hollywood film.

Vinnie Oyanga, who received the title of “Miss Kenya 2006”, was in the eighth position. Following her, the representative of Pakistan, model, and actress Neha Ahmad, was included in the list of athletes.

The team also included Keli Baks, a famous and sought-after model from New Zealand, and Popi, a charming model representing Bangladesh.

The most handsome men are cricketers

Do not forget about the strong half of humanity – courageous and attractive cricketers, known far beyond the borders of their native country.

Among all the players who were remembered by the audience not only for their achievements but also for their natural beauty, we should mention the professional player who played in the Indian Premier League – Vinay Kumar.

Also, the athlete Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a large number of female fans who were interested in both sporting success and attractive appearance. He is the current captain of the Indian national cricket team and also serves as the captain of the Chennai Super Kings. 

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