Talking to Your Doctor about the Power Tools: Prescription Medication and Surgery

When it comes to adding power tools to your BEAM Box, it ’ s important for you to initiate the conversation about these additional tools with your doctor, not online with “ Doctor Google. ” You are looking for additional options to make the lifestyle effort easier, but not to replace it. With the agreement that lifestyle must be the foundation of weight loss (you are not asking for miracles!), you’ll be able to have a realistic chat with your doctor.

There are pros and cons to both prescription medication and surgery, and these have to be discussed in practical terms for you: how they might affect other health factors, medications you already take, expectation of weight loss, plus financial considerations, among other topics. The bottom line? When it comes to weight loss, you are a unique individual.

Only a discussion with your doctor can help put your weight – related health risk into perspective and help you manage the biological c06.indd 123 10/22/09 10:15:26 AM 124 The Real You Diet factors contributing to your struggle with weight control.

While some doctors are very engaged with the rest of the BEAM Box (eating, activity, behavior), most often you can expect your doctor to be supportive mainly of the medical tools and sometimes to help you with a reliable referral for building the other tools, including those power tools of prescription medication and surgery.

If you find that your doctor is less inclined to provide the kind of support you are seeking in building your own weight – loss BEAM Box, then it might be time to find another primary care doctor, or to network elsewhere for additional services. Ask friends and family members for their suggestions and referrals to help you in finding the right fi t when it comes to your doctor.

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