Some off – Label Drugs Used for Weight Loss

Topamax (approved to treat seizures and migraine headaches) Glucophage and Byetta (approved for treatment of diabetes) Wellbutrin (approved for treatment of depression) Adderall and Ritalin (approved for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) Provigil (approved for chronic fatigue and sleep disorders) Those people being treated for disease have reported a variety of effects from this drug group, ranging from a reduction in appetite and fewer food cravings to great energy and less focus on food

There are no scientific studies showing these drugs are effective for weight loss, and you can put yourself at risk for damaging side effects for such an off – label use. The negative side effects are not worth the risk. Right now, most physicians will not prescribe these drugs for weight loss, but a small group of physicians actually support and encourage this use.

While the pharmaceutical companies producing these medications do not support the off – label use, some are working to modify the original formula to develop a weight – loss drug for the future. Still, this does not stop many people from looking for these alternatives.

Whether used alone or in weight – loss cocktails, these can be medically quite risky. Talk with your own doctor or contact a weight – loss specialist for a more in – depth discussion.

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