Showing How Rhetoric Works

Writing of fashion

It is clear that Fashion utterances are entirely derived not from a style but a writing; by describing an item of clothing, or how it is worn, the writer/journalist invests in his words nothing of himself [sic] nor of his psychology; he simply conforms to a certain conventional and regulated style (we might say an ethos), which furthermore announces immediately that it is from a Fashion magazine.

Fashion ideology

On the rhetorical level there is a signified that corresponds to the writing of Fashion, which is Fashion ideology. The world aimed at by written Fashion ignores opposites, … one can be presented with two apparently contradictory characteristics between which there is nothing that requires making a choice. Fashion text As Fashion is a phenomenon of initiation, its wording naturally plays a didactic role: the Fashion text represents in some way the authoritative wording of someone who knows everything that is behind the confused.

Showing How Rhetoric Works 109 or incomplete, appearance of the visible forms; this wording therefore constitutes the moment when what is hidden becomes visible, in which one can almost see, in a secularized form, the sacred halo of divinatory texts; all the more since the knowledge of Fashion never comes without a price; it holds a sanction for those who are excluded from it:

the stigma of being unfashionable. Pseudo-syntax Indeed, without leaving behind the actual line of the words (since this guarantees the meaning of an item of clothing), we can try and replace the grammatical links (which themselves are charged with no vestimentary meaning) with a pseudo-syntax, whose articulations, removed from grammar, will have the sole aim of making manifest a vestimentary meaning, and no longer something to be understood within discourse.

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