Nike Basketball Shoes What Are My Options in 2022

The market cap of Nike reached $215.45 billion in March 2022. The corporation is also a leading brand for athletic shoes and apparel. Moreover, they’re also the go-to for men’s basketball shoes.

The past two NBA seasons were difficult due to the pandemic. Despite that, the market for basketball shoes is still at its peak.

Do you want to know this year’s top Nike basketball shoe options? Continue reading for more knowledge about this selection.

Basketball Shoe Structure to Always Consider

Learn about shoe structure first before buying a new pair of Nike basketball shoes. The best basketball shoes allow their users to play their best and reduce foot injuries. You have three components to give your full attention to when shopping.

The upper part offers ankle support in-game. Often, it assists your feet when doing quick cuts and moves. This part also gives users protection from impact, lowering injury risks.

Men’s basketball shoes have three upper part levels. Each one provides different benefits to the players.

High-tops, for example, give the best ankle support and stability. While they’re the heaviest, they have thick paddings and collars.

Mid-top shoes are the best options for all-around players. They’re more flexible and give good joint mobility.

Low-tops have minimal ankle support but provide agility and speed. Unlike the two, these shoes are more flexible and lighter.

This part provides your foot cushioning and comfort throughout the game. When buying a shoe, always look at the midsole to ensure it can reduce fatigue and body stress while playing.

The outsole is in-charge of grip, balance, and multidirectional traction. It also prevents slips whenever we pivot or jump.

With these considerations, here are the most-recommended Nike basketball shoes this year.

Nike Jordan XXXVI

When we talk about Nike apparel, Jordan basketball shoes are always on the list. For over three decades, the Jordan brand has become a staple for the sport. Not only that, but the brand also brings something new with every model.

Nike Jordan XXXVI has a Jacquard Leno-Weave upper, making it lightweight but durable. It also has a hollow mid-section. Because of that, it’s lighter and provides more stability.

Nike Cosmic Unity

This newest addition to the Nike basketball shoe collection has a thin outsole. The Cosmic Unity has a lighter weight and provides a better grip and general response. It also has a waffle-texture upper that comes from recycled materials.

Nike Kyrie 7

Kyrie Irving’s partnership with Nike has always been well-received. The Nike Kyrie 7 is no exception to that.

This shoe has the classic Nike Kyrie bold colorways set and personal detailing. But the technical difference with 7 is its slim, cushioned midsole. Due to that, it provides a fast reaction time and explosiveness for our first step.

Nike Air Zoom G.T. Run

G.T Run is one of Nike’s most popular new arrivals for men’s basketball shoes. It boasts multi-layered cushioning and a Zoom Air unit on the forefoot.

This new shoe also has a two-layer upper of lightweight mesh and a haptic print layer for sturdiness. Its sole unit has cutaways and perforations, reducing the weight but keeping the grip.

Nike Zoom Freak 3

The origin of this Nike Zoom came from the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo. Like its name, these basketball shoes are for all-around performers. One of its most notable features is its bouncy, hollowed-out forefoot.

Nike PG 5

The Nike PG 5 is the best shoe for players who want their footwear to match their playing styles. When it comes to a signature basketball shoe, this model meets many players’ styles on the court.

It has a big Nike Air Strobel midsole cushion from the front to the back. Because of that, players who always work in top gear for the entire game can enjoy using a PG 5.

Nike LeBron 19

The latest model from LeBron is still a player favorite with court-ready designs. The Nike LeBron 19 sports a black and red colorway, making it a real visual.

While these kicks look good on the court, their best features are the security they provide. The new molded sock comes with a firm lacing cage. It keeps our feet locked in and unmoving throughout the game.

Besides that, LeBron 19 also has cushion pods on its collar and tongue. These additions make it one of the most comfortable Nike basketball shoes today.

Nike KD14

For every all-rounder player this 2022, Nike’s KD14 will be our go-to basketball shoes. Kevin Durant’s KD collection is one of the consistent top-performing basketball footwear.

Like its predecessors, KD14 is an instant favorite. This Nike basketball shoe offers full Zoom Air cushioning with a layered mesh upper. Not to mention, it has a midfoot strap that keeps your shoe in place.

Best Jordan Basketball Shoes of All Time

Unlike the trending footwear today, basketball shoes before were items of pure want. Instead of technological features, their designs focus on player speed and jump. Not only that, these sneakers can handle the wear and tear of hardwood courts.

Throughout the years, more basketball shoes are emerging. Despite that, nothing can hold the masses like Air Jordans. Their arrival changed the sneaker world forever.

Air Jordan 1 came out in 1984, and its style is still Nike’s best-selling product. These shoes are an ultimate favorite that paved the way for modern sneaker culture.

There is also the Air Jordan VI. The first release of the Jordan 6’s was in 1991. These sneakers were also the ones MJ used to win his first NBA championship.

In 2000, the retro-ed version of Jordan VI became available to the public. It introduced new colorways instead of its black, sports car-inspired look.

Top Nike Basketball Shoes for 2022

There is no denying that basketball shoes are a significant part of the NBA. Not only that, but their variations also inspired the entire sneaker world.

With this guide on the trending Nike basketball shoes, we can start the 76th NBA season with a bang. It will also add that aesthetic you need while you shoot your way to victory.

Did you find this sneaker guide helpful? Check our other blog posts on fashion and sports for more.

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