Knowing Car Window Tint Percentages

Car window tinting benefits drivers in a lot of ways. These tints block out ultraviolet (UV) light harshness and radiation. They also keep your vehicle cooler and provide a noticeable beautification upgrade.

Studying the car window tint percentages will help you make sure it’s the perfect shade and style for your vehicle.

Window tint percentages refer to how much light the film barrier allows into the vehicle. The lower the window tint percentage, the less light will shine through.

You have to know the percentages when you’re shopping between different types of car window tint. Here’s a breakdown of some common tint percentages.

5 Percent Tint

This is one of the more opaque forms of car window tint. It’s the same level of tint that is used for limousines and other corporate vehicles.

People from the outside looking in won’t be able to make out details inside of your vehicle. Your view is also darkened from the inside. Many states don’t allow tint percentages this low, so study the laws where you live first.

20 Percent Tint

20 percent is a popular window tinting option for many drivers. You’ll get plenty of privacy with a bit more light to make it safer.

It keeps your vehicle cool and prevents passersby from peering inside while it’s parked.

35 Percent Tint

You get a mixture of aesthetics and function when you go with a 35 percent tint. This tint is dark enough to block out the glare of the sun and keep your vehicle cool.

Because this tint allows 35 percent of light inside, you’ll be able to drive without it creating a strain to your eyes.

50 Percent Tint

This is the best compromise for someone wanting a nice car window tint. It allows in 50 percent of light, so that your vehicle is cool but you should have no problem seeing through it.

People appreciate the 50 percent tint because it’s legal in just about every state. The majority of window tinting professionals offer various 50 percent tint options.

Study the Different Car Window Tint Percentages

As you look into the different types of car window tint, make sure to familiarize yourself with the styles. Examples of these styles include hybrid, carbon, dyed, and ceramic.

You might also look into Supreme Wraps as an option for a dry color change without having to turn to paint jobs. This provides the perfect combination and each element will bring the most out of the other.

Get the Best Window Tint for Your Car

Studying car window tint percentages will give you a clear idea of how you can improve your vehicle. This is a vehicle upgrade that you will appreciate for the next several years.

It’s important that you find a car window tinting specialist that can help you with any installation that you prefer. Let these guidelines get you started as you look for prices and test out different percentages.

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