How Does Live Betting Work?

Traditionally, people place bets before a game starts but with live betting, you place your bets as the action goes on. That means you have to wait until the game starts to place a bet. Your predictions purely rely on the current actions in the field, which might not give you time to study previous data to predict a win.

The main advantage of live betting is that you can bet multiple times within the same game. You could bet in the first quarter, halftime, final results, etc. It is done in US states that have regulated sportsbooks. Another name for live betting is in-game betting or running in betting.

How does live betting work

Live betting is one of the easiest ways to bet online. You only need to download the sports betting app and register an account. After logging into your account, click on the live betting option to start the action. You can wager by watching the game live from any location – if it is in a state that allows online sports betting.

In live betting, you have to study the performance of the teams during the game. The odds are too dynamic and keep changing as the game progresses. For example, Chelsea could be playing against the Rams. In the beginning, Chelsea is at 4/7 (1.57) and the Rams at 7/2 (4.5). The draw is at 3/1 (5.0) and you decide on taking risks with the Rams as the winners.

Immediately the game starts, the odds will begin to change too. If 20 minutes later there is no goal yet, odds will be reflecting as 0-0 but the figures will be different on the teams. Chelsea could now be reflecting 4/6 (1.66) and the Rams 4/1 (5.0). If you still want to stick with the Rams and there is hope they are doing well, you could decide to add your money on them to make your bet better. If it’s Chelsea that looks promising, you could still bet on them.


Live betting gives you the advantage of placing multiple bets in one game. If earning more money to help you meet your business goals is one of your plans, live betting could be a good option. You can watch what is happening right before you place your bet. If you notice the game isn’t favoring your favorite team, you can always bet for the opposing team.

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