Camping Accessories – 34 Must-Have Items for Rvers

You will find that certain things are more enjoyable if you have the right gear. This is true even for RVing. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the accessories after spending a lot of money on your RV. How can you decide which gear is right for you? How do you know what is acceptable and what is essential?

These are the most essential accessories for RV camping that we’ve found. This list is helpful for both new RVers and veterans. We’ve asked friends who own fifth wheels or trailers to help us make this list as complete as possible.

This is the complete list, not necessarily in order.

Technology – Camping Accessories

GPS-Specific GPS

When you tow a caravan or motorhome, you’ll be taller and wider than any other vehicle. An RV GPS is an excellent tool. GPS is a great tool that can help you determine the dimensions of your RV. It will also route you away from dangerous roads.

Google Maps, and other non-RV-specific software, has been the subject of many horror stories. It leads RVers down narrow roads or under bridges. Most mapping software assumes you will drive a regular-sized vehicle such as a car, truck, or SUV.

Without our RV-specific GPS unit, we wouldn’t have considered travelling anywhere in our Class A motorhome. It was easy to use and plugged right into the 12v battery lighter.

WiFi Repeater & Booster

Combining a repeater with a WiFi booster allows you to park further away from the tower and still receive a signal. This is particularly useful for RV parks, where the best sites are often at the back or edges of the park. This is especially useful if you are traveling in a small city and need to connect to the internet at a cafe.

Signal booster for cell phones

This one may be familiar to you. Cell boosters work in the same manner as WiFi boosters. It amplifies or boosts a signal. It is, in this case, a cell signal.

Electrical Management System (EMS).

The RV’s electrical system cannot withstand power surges or drops. To protect your RV from any damage, an electrical management system (EMS) is necessary.

You’ve probably heard of surge protectors. They do exactly what they name and nothing more. An EMS (such as the one offered by Progressive Industries) protects you from high-risk situations.

Although an EMS can be more costly upfront than surge protection, I believe they are well worth it. It is a significant investment. Your home is likely to be your RV. This insurance can be an excellent way to protect yourself from campsites with faulty or overloaded electrical outlets.

Portable Solar Panels

If you are a frequent traveler, a few portable solar panels may prove to be very useful. Fixed solar panels can be mounted to an RV’s roof. However, portable panels have many benefits. For hot days, when your RV needs to be shaded, portable panels are a great option.

You can quickly move them around with the sun, so you always have the best charge. They are also much easier to clean when they’re on the ground.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The TPMS monitors temperature and pressure and will sound an alarm when there is a sudden drop in temperature or pressure. This is especially important when RV towing. It doesn’t matter what type of RV you own. This can be very helpful. It may sound strange, but you might not realize that you have blown your tire. These units will protect your rims and your RV from severe damage.

Two-Way Radio

These radios can be used to communicate with travel companions, back up your RV in a spot, or drive two vehicles in an area that doesn’t have cell coverage. These radios were handy for towing a motorhome. During tornado warnings, we were able to access the NOAA weather channels through our radio.

Satellite Communication Device

It is possible that your cell phone service may not be available while you are camping in the backcountry or dispersed camping in the national forest. Accidents such as the one I mentioned in the RV safety article are possible. Satellite communication devices can save lives.

Pet Safety Temperature Monitor

If you travel with pets, a temperature monitor is a great option. It will alert you when the RV’s heating or cooling system is operating. The temperature monitors can be connected to a mobile network and notify your phone when the temperature changes or increases according to the settings you have made.

Camping Accessories – The outside world

Roof Vent Cover

This is one of those items you won’t use until you have it. Vent covers allow you to leave your roof vents open even during rain. Vent covers let you run fans in hot weather and cook without worrying about rain. Vent screens offer extra protection against the sun and debris.

A basic set of tools

A basic set of tools, such as hammers, wrenches, spanners and nuts and bolts, can help you save time when camping or RVing. Sometimes you might be far from a store, so having a basic set of tools can help save your life and keep you safe while traveling.

Portable Air Compressor

You may think, “I don’t need a compressor.” Or you might think you could just use the one at your local gas station. We learned from our travels that RVs and trucks with larger loads require more PSIs than passenger cars. These tires aren’t available at all gas stations. One of these tires helped us to lose PSI.

Camping Stove

Even though we have a small home, the Coleman camp stove is still indispensable to us. It’s excellent to cook outdoors on sunny days. It keeps stale or musty food, such as fish and bacon, outside our small indoor kitchen. You can also use the adapter to connect our stove to our large propane tanks without transporting small green bottles.

Dicor Lap Sealant

Technically, dicor is not a gadget. It is an indispensable tool that you must always have. Over time, the sealant on your roof may crack or become less durable. Water damage can occur to RVs if there are leakages in the roof. Numerous RVs have experienced leakages. These can be quickly stopped with a little lap sealant. Every few decades, it is essential to have your roof sealed. It can be worthwhile to have some dicor to prevent major damage.

Sewer Valve

I did most of the dumping in our Class B. The cap that I had to remove from the sewer line would leak into the sewer and get sprayed by some transit water. It also leaked into the compartment, which was an unpleasant experience.

Water hose

A hose is required to fill the RV’s fresh water tank.

Water Pressure Regulator

Water pressure regulators are designed to prevent over-pressurized water from bursting your RV’s pipes. Make sure you check the RV for a water pressure regulator before buying one. You should not connect your water supply to the RV without one.

Outdoor Camping Mat

While it’s great to have during sunny weather, it can be a necessity if your campsite is mud drenched. You can keep dirt and other debris out of your RV by using a mat.

Clear Sewer Dump Elbow

It sounds horrible, but it is necessary to be able to see your tanks when you empty them. You will need a clear elbow to do this. To ensure that there are no blockages or backups, you can clearly see what you’re dumping. You can also see how often your tank was flushed.

Hose Splitter

Hose splitters are handy because you can connect your water pipe to the tap at a campsite and still wash your clothes or refill your dog’s bowl. It should be rated for drinking.

Camping Accessories – The inside of your tent

Handheld Vacuum

We often find dirt and other debris that can be tracked into RVs when we camp. A handheld vacuum is essential for RV owners who often camp with their dogs.

Shower shut-off valve

If you’ve ever stayed more than one night without RV hookups, you will know how important it is to conserve energy. Showers can drain a lot of energy, so we decided not to shower while we dry camped …. We’re kidding!

The showerhead in our motorhome was equipped with a “pause”, but it was difficult to use when soapy hands were present. The shower shut-off valve was installed, and it worked well. We love the idea that we can take “Navy Showers” to save water and keep us off the grid longer. Because we don’t turn the tap off completely, the RV gear makes sure that the water stays hot. This allows us to choose the right temperature each time.

Water purifier

The water purifier is another one of those essential gadgets that we can’t imagine our lives without. With the water purifier, we can travel anywhere knowing that our water is safe.

We recommend you also use an inline filter to your Berkey. An RV water filter is trendy camping gear.

Camping Accessories – Miscellaneous


Traveling in an RV is a major part of our life experience. It is vital to visit National Parks and to spend time in nature. When we visit remote, mountainous areas like the Great Dividing Range, we learned how important it is to have a pair of quality binoculars. These were added to our top 10 list of gadgets for RV camping.

Accessories for motorhomes

No matter if you are a Class A, B, or C motorhome, you may need specific items. This is our list.

Spare Tire Carrier

Most Class A motorhomes don’t come with a spare tire or mount. We considered purchasing a Jeep Wrangler rooftop rack to store a spare tire, but it was too heavy and difficult to transport.

Accessories for towing or reversing

We have never had to tow an RV, so we asked friends who own fifth-wheels and travel trailers for their advice.

Weight Distribution Hitch

To improve stability while towing, the weight distribution hitch can be a great option. The trailer’s tongue weight (the ball hitch), is taken from the rear axle of the tow vehicle and spread more evenly across both axles. This helps stabilize the trailer and tow car and prevents it from swaying.


To park your trailer on uneven terrain, you can use levelling pads, blocks and levels.

Reversemate(TM), Reversing Aid.

Reversing into an RV or campervan space is a challenge that every RV and campervan owner understands. It can cause serious damage to your RV or another person’s property. This can lead to additional costs and even money. Reversemate(TM), an alternative to RV reverse cameras, is a great option. It can be set up quickly, and you will be reversing like a pro in no time.

Backup Camera

Newer motorhomes are equipped with a backup camera. However, most towables will require one. A backup camera with wide-angle views can be very useful for back-ins or changing lanes on the highway. This allows you to see traffic around your fifth wheel or trailer.

Adaptor for Electric Drills and Scissor Jack

This indispensable RV accessory is a must. This adaptor makes it easy to raise and lower manual jacks. The scissor-jacks can only be brought down once by hand. If you are tired or have sweaty palms, an adaptor for your electric drill will make it easier.

Torque Wrench

Every now and then, it is a good idea to check the torque of your wheel-lugs. A torque wrench can be used to check your wheels and tighten them when necessary. This is especially useful if your tires have been rotated recently or are going on a long journey.

Heavy-Duty Chocks

If your trailer is large and heavy, a set of rubber chocks are a must. We have yet to tow a trailer, but we feel confident it will remain parked.

Lock the Hitch Lock

Hit locks are meant to protect honest people from being robbed. To have some peace of thought, it is well worth the small investment.


It’s there! This is our list of top RV gadgets. If we’ve missed something, we’d love to know. We’re always on the lookout for the best gear and would love your opinions about the best RV gadgets in 2021.

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