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A Comprehensive Guide On Latex Mattress

When you are searching for a mattress you will come across many types of mattresses. Among them, a latex mattress is popular among users and if you are thinking about buying it, you have made the right decision. As per sleep experts, Wakefit has many unique properties that provide a comfortable sleeping surface and hence its popularity. However, there are many types of latex varieties making it difficult to choose one from another. Read below this guide to know which is best for you.

What is a Latex Mattress?

A latex mattress is a mattress made from a material called latex. It is a milky-coloured fluid that is extracted from rubber trees. A rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis produces nearly 19 pounds of latex annually and a tree can make this material for about 25 years. The best part is that the tree need not be cut down to get this material. Instead, it is tapped from the tree hence it is eco-friendly and highly sustainable.

In a latex production plant, the extracted fluid is exposed to air so that it coagulates. Once the sap of the rubber tree is sapped, there are two ways the mattress is produced.

  • Talalay method: The foam that is produced by the Talalay method is called Talalay foam. It is made by pouring the raw whipped latex into a mould (partially filled). The partial field mould is then sealed to create a vacuum. The foam is allowed to expand and then frozen by using C02. Due to this, it forms a gel which is then vulcanized. The foam is then removed from the mould, washed, and dried to get the final product.
  • Dunlop method: Like the Talalay foam, the Dunlop foam is also poured into a mould. But unlike in the Talalay method, the mould is filled and then vulcanized. This makes the liquid latex a solid foam by application of Zinc oxide and heat. After this, the foam is taken out of the mould and washed. This is then dried to remove all moisture and as the foam settles, it becomes light at the top and hard at the bottom.

Both methods result in the production of natural latex foam but each has distinct properties. The Talalay and Dunlop process is 100% natural and the quality of the sap and the processes followed is what gives quality to the foam.

Types of Latex Mattresses

The latex mattress online is of two different types:

  • Hybrid Latex Mattress

A hybrid mattress is layered with latex foam on the comfort layer. Beneath it is a layer of memory foam or other such material. The base is made of a high-resilience foam that gives solid support to the mattress. Each of the layers is individually wrapped and hence they can move independently.

  • All Latex Mattress

This is a mattress that is made up of many layers of latex. These contain up to 3 layers with each layer having a minimum of 2” of thickness. The All latex mattress has a solid base so that it has stable support. The top layer or the comfort layer is made to alleviate pressure points and offers body contouring.

Why Buy a Latex Mattress?

When there is coir vs latex mattress comparison, there are many benefits of using latex beds. These are:

  • Conforming: Irrespective of whether one buys an all-foam mattress or a hybrid mattress the body is well supported, the spine is in a neutral position and offers comfort. The latex which is made from rubber has an elastic property because of which there is contouring. The heavy parts of the body like the hips, shoulders, etc are lifted while the other parts of the body are contoured. This releases any pressure created and also reduces excessive sinking.
  • Durable: One of the main benefits of buying a latex mattress is it is highly durable. Natural latex is strong and hence mattresses made using it tend to last longer than other types of mattresses. A good quality mattress can last up to 15 years if maintained properly.
  • No more sleeping hot: Latex foam is naturally breathable and hence does not retain heat on the surface or increase body temperature. It is ideal for people who tend to sleep hot or have night sweats.
  • No motion transfer: The hybrid or all latex mattresses have a unique feature of motion isolation. Any movement on the surface is not transferred to the entire surface and hence there are no movements felt by your partner.
  • No allergies: Organic latex mattresses are non-toxic and contain no synthetic fillers. Hence it is safe for people who have allergies to petroleum-based chemicals. Moreover, latex foams have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties because of which it is clean and free from allergens.
  • Cost: The latex mattress price depends on the type and the layers of latex foam used. If the number of layers of latex is more, they tend to have a higher price. While purchasing ensure that the brand and reputation are factored in. Cheap mattresses are available but they tend to not provide comfort, support, or durability. Having said that, a higher price does not guarantee quality.

What Firmness to Buy?

The firmness of a mattress is measured on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest.

  • Soft mattress: 1 to 2 scale is a soft mattress and the heaviest parts of the body sink in.
  • Medium-soft: 3 to 4 firmness offers mild contouring and slightly firmer than soft beds.
  • Medium: Scale 5 firmness where pressure points are alleviated, neck and back are supported.
  • Medium-firm: 6 to 7 firmness scale, very minimal sinking.
  • Firm: 8 to 10 very little contouring.

The firmness that is right for you depends on the sleeping position:

  • Side sleepers: Should choose between soft and medium as it contours the hips and shoulders.
  • Back sleepers: Should opt for medium to medium-firm as it provides an even sleeping surface.
  • Stomach sleepers: Medium-firm to a firm is ideal as it prevents the body from sinking and reducing the spine’s curve.
  • Combination sleepers: Medium firmness is best as it gives both firmness and compression to the sensitive parts of the body.

Body Types

  • Heavy: Best firmness level is medium-firm as it prevents excessive sinking.
  • Average: Medium to medium-firm as it provides adequate contouring without too much sinking.
  • Lightweight: Soft to a medium comfort level so that the sensitive parts are cushioned and provides enough contouring.

Latex mattresses are ideal for every individual who is looking for a comfortable sleeping surface. It not only offers great contouring to the body and reduces aches and pains, but it is also long-lasting and durable. That means more value for the purchase, as a mattress is a life-long investment.

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