5 Styles of Dance You Can Try

Dancing can help reduce tension and stress for both the mind and body, so there’s no time to waste. If you’ve been thinking about dabbling with dance classes, this is your sign to take that last step and sign up.

But maybe you’re still wondering what sort of dance class you should take. We’ll run through some different styles of dance to help you understand what might be a good fit for you!

1. Ballet

Ballet is perhaps one of the most recognizable types of dance. When someone says “dancer,” you probably picture a ballerina.

This is a form of dance that is highly technical and requires an immense amount of training. Regardless of cultural background or subgenre of ballet, dancers trained in this discipline must be graceful and precise.

2. Contemporary

Dance styles have evolved over the years, and contemporary dance is one of those that emerged from classical, modern, and jazz traditions. It incorporates many different techniques to form a new and unique style.

Contemporary dance emphasizes torso and leg work and often includes floor work as well. In many ways, it stands as the opposite of a discipline like ballet.

3. Ballroom

Partner dancing is another popular way to get involved with dance, especially if you’re not as likely to do so on your own. Grab a friend or a partner and step out on the dance floor!

The term ballroom dance encompasses a number of different dance styles including the waltz, the tango, and the foxtrot. Although there are competitions held for ballroom dance all over the world, these styles are still seen as types of formal dance.

4. Latin

Sometimes considered a subcategory of ballroom dance, Latin dance usually has a much faster and upbeat rhythm. These styles of dance originate from and are still deeply ingrained in various Latin cultures.

If you’re looking to learn Latin dance, you might look into classes for the samba, the rumba, the salsa, or the merengue. It might even be worth it to check out a Spanish dance school, or an “academia de baile.”

5. Hip-Hop

While all types of dance had their start somewhere, hip-hop in particular had the most casual origin story. What we know as hip-hop dance today developed from street dancing and hip-hop culture, as recently as the 1970s.

Hip-hop dance is still included in many competitive spaces, but unlike many other dance styles, it still emphasizes aspects of improvisation. In this way, it’s a great place to start, because you can learn the essentials of dance and still have a blast.

Styles of Dance for Everyone

Now that you know a little bit about the different styles of dance, you can find one that piques your interest. The most important thing about dancing is having a good time, so make sure to pick a type of dance that you enjoy.

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